Salon Sophie Charlotte


Biographies in Motion

The Arab Intellectual Community in Berlin


Photo Exhibition, Installation & Paternoster Talks

in English

Host: Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA)

A decade after the Arab Uprisings, a vibrant diaspora in Berlin reflects on the transformation processes through individual (hi)stories. The exhibition makes the faces behind the Arabellions visible and brings them out of the shadow of exile. Curated by AGYA alumna Hanan Badr, Communication Studies, Salzburg/Cairo, selected portraits by Egyptian photographer Eman Helal, Hannover, circle in individual installations in the cabins of the paternoster. Being in motion, the portraits enter into dialogue, constantly generating new perspectives.

AGYA Principal Investigator (PI) Verena Lepper, Egyptology, Berlin will festively open the exhibition, introducing its theme and concept next to the paternoster. Following the movement of the paternoster upwards, the audience is invited to the paternoster talks taking place on the 1st up to the 5th floor. On each floor, AGYA members and portrayed intellectuals from Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, and Syria, look back at the Arabellions more than ten years ago. Here in Berlin, they take stock on topics such as migration, education, arts, and identities.


Paternoster EG - "Biographies in Motion"

Exhibition Opening – Verena Lepper


Paternoster 1. OG - "Depicting Biographies"

­AGYA alumna Hanan Badr, Communication Studies, Salzburg/Cairo, reflects with the Egyptian photographer Eman Helal on the challenges of depicting biographies.


Paternoster 2. OG - "Migration and Higher Education"

AGYA alumna Julia Hauser, Global History, Kassel, exchanges with social scientist Dina Abdel-Hafez on migration and higher education.


Paternoster 3. OG - "Cultural Production in Exile"

AGYA member Stefan Maneval, Arabic & Islamic Studies, Berlin, reviews with one of the founders of Berlin-based Arabic Library ‘Baynatna’, Ali Hasan on cultural production in exile.


Paternoster 4. OG - "Language and Exile"

AGYA alumna Barbara Winckler, Arabic Studies, Münster, talks with founders of the Arabic Language School ‘Fekra’ in Berlin, Asmaa al-Daher and Yousef El Dada about language and exile.


Paternoster 5. OG - "Self-Identities and Arts"

AGYA member Mujtaba Ali Isani, Sociology, Mannheim, discusses with political artist and designer Ahmed Isam Aldin about self-images and arts.